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Secretive Agreement

Although Mr. Molina was a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, he had never heard of the agreement; He intends to address him, like Green MP Sibel Arslan, at the next committee meeting tomorrow. Unfortunately, once again, it is not certain that these models are representative. On the one hand, secret agreements with friendly governments may be more frequent than secret agreements with enemy governments, as cooperation between the United States and its allies tends to be relatively extensive. On the other hand, the figures could over-represent friendly governments if the United States were more inclined to consider the existence of agreements with hostile governments. Such a trend could occur when agreements with opponents are more politically sensitive or involve regimes that oppose transparency. The text of the Convention on the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP) is so mysterious that even elected officials could not see it, although it risks locking future governments into rules that limit their ability to take political action or improve access to public services and workers` rights in times of crisis. However, there are still some real secret contracts, especially in the context of agreements for the creation of foreign military bases. [34] Thus, under the 1960 security treaty between the United States and Japan, the two nations entered into three agreements that could be defined as secret contracts (at least in the broadest sense, according to a panel of experts convened by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs). [35] These agreements dealt with the transit and stockpiling of nuclear weapons by U.S. forces in Japan, despite Japan`s formal nuclear non-proliferation policy. [36] Prior to its publication in 2010, the Japanese government had gone so far as to convict journalist Nishiyama Takichi, who tried to uncover a contract, for espionage.

[37] Operation Condor was a secret treaty between the United States and five South American nations to coordinate the fight against insurgency and the “dirty war” against communist rebels and other leftists in Latin America. [38] “As long as secret agreements like this one with the Swiss government allow unfettered access to Chinese security agents, we can never exclude more abuses.” The secret nature of the agreement is also unusual, as the text was finalized 12 months ago, meaning it contains no specific updates acknowledging the exceptional challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, said Andrew Dettmer, the national president of the Australian Union of Manufacturing Workers.