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Mobile Device User Agreement Template

This directive is intended to protect the security and integrity of XYZ`s data and technology infrastructure. Derogations from the directive may be limited due to discrepancies between devices and platforms. Use a non-mobile device to get the best experience by filling out this form. Below is a BYOD policy model that allows organizations to tailor their needs (additional details, if useful). Some companies may have to add sections that apply to different groups of users with different order requirements. Finally, you should be sure that a lawyer is checking this situation. An employee`s supervisor launches a document describing the business situation of an employee`s mobile communication device, which is supported by the UB. The employee accepts the terms and signs the contract. XYZ gives its employees the privilege of buying and using the smartphones and tablets of their choice at work. XYZ Reserves the right to revoke this authorization if users do not comply with the following policies and procedures. The mobile communications equipment agreement documents the agreement of the supervisor and the employee`s agreement on the terms of receipt of a clean mobile communication device or an allowance for a private device.

Business needs must be audited and approved annually by the Department of Labor. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs require three critical elements: a software application for managing network-connected devices, a written policy that defines the responsibilities of the employer and the user, and an agreement that users must sign by acknowledging that they have read and understood the policy. Writing a BYOD policy forces companies to think before letting their employees go onto the organization`s network with their own smartphones and tablets. Issues that need to be addressed by company management during the planning phase include: which browsers should employees use? What security tools offer the best protection for the many devices that can connect to the network? What support does IT need to provide? To ensure that nothing is overlooked, you get contributions from employees throughout the company: HR, IT, accounting, law – workers and executives. XYZ employees must accept the conditions set out in this directive in order to connect their devices to the business network. If you would like to get help with other computer guidelines, read our:.