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This list of documents is subdivided into the following sections: B. Financial documents (provided project financing is provided) Project documents (energy and operation, ownership, planning and construction) The project documents that are returned allow the type of technology This practice note examines the doctrine of counterparty and the key role it plays in English law in determining whether a contract is applicable. A promise can only be contractually kept if it is made either in a document or in exchange for something valuable, known as This Practice Note, contains a list of the most important documents that can usually be seen during the financial completion of an onshore wind farm or a large open-air solar PV project in the United Kingdom (UK). with a brief explanation of the nature of each of these documents. It is established on the basis of a primary activity in which an assigned vehicle (usually referred to as “ProjectCo” and referred to as ProjectCo in this practice note) owns and finances the project and, following completion/provision. However, this list of documents can also serve as a reference point for use in a secondary market for onshore wind farms or solar projects, as many of the documents to be checked and/or amended will be the same. You will find an accompanying version of this list of final documents, without document explanations, which can be used upon completion: List-Onshore-Windpark project lawyers completion documents and presentation of outdoor solar projects. This practice note outlines some common financial covenants, commercial financial transactions, including:•Minimum net asset testing•Compensation ratio•Leverage ratio (or debt to Equity Ratio)•Cash flow ratio (or Acid Test Ratio)•Cash flow ratio•Interest Ratio hedging ratio and•Value ratio:The principles of the notarial deed are that it is an act of the notary and not the parties mentioned in the document•a registration of a document 2. the notarial deed shall have as its object due diligence reports, legal advice and other ancillary activities, irrespectical of the form of the underlying document. .

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