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University Of Illinois Housing Reciprocal Agreement

Do you know your roommate? Include your roommate preference in the contract by May 15 and you will have the same entry time to choose your room. The two roommates must enter into the housing contract, choose each other as roommates and give priority to the accommodation or the assignment area. In some cases, you can terminate your contract with a certified private residential complex to enter into a contract with University Housing or vice versa. The deadline for beginner students applying for the fall semester is August 20, 2020. The reciprocal form is available on the forms and documents page. Students may be disbarred from university due to poor academic performance. If a student`s name appears on the university`s study list, the housing information office will contact the resident to terminate the university residency contract because he or she is no longer considered a “student.” If the student is considering applying for a readmission address at his college or department and wishes that the university residence contract remains in effect until the outcome of the appeal, an application must be made in writing to the following agency: Housing Information Office, 100 Clark Hall, 1203 S. Fourth St, Champaign, IL 61820-6982; fax to 217-244-7073; or until the date indicated. Under the reciprocity agreement, a new student has the right, once a year, to transfer his or her university residence contract without penalty between units participating in the Reciprocal (Private Certified Housing Facilities and Certified Brotherhoods and Sororities) program. The form is available on our form and document website. Students who wish to change more than once are not included in the mutual agreement and are subject to previous contractual obligations. The university housing contract requires residents to be enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to live in residences.

If a resident loses his or her student status (due to withdrawal from the university, academic or judicial dismissal, non-compliance with registration, etc.), he is required to terminate his university residency contract and withdraw it from the hall. In some cases, the occupant may be allowed to remain in the halls for a limited period of time; However, all housing and board costs continue to apply and approval must be provided by the Deputy Director of University Housing for Housing Information – Marketing.