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Turkey 2023 Agreement In Hindi

Among many agreements was a separate agreement with the United States, the Chester concession. In the United States, the treaty was rejected by several political groups, including the Committee against the Treaty of Lausanne (COLT), and on January 18, 1927, the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the treaty by 50 votes to 34, six votes less than the two-thirds requested by the Constitution. [20] As a result, Turkey cancelled the concession. [9] By 2023, the Republic of Turkey intends to make progress in many areas such as export targets, technical investments, security and energy. According to purchasing power parity, Turkey, the 13th largest economy in the world, is considered one of the most important countries in the geo economy a-i.a. G20 countries. In 2023, Turkey wants to become one of the world`s largest economies thanks to Turkey`s fourth industrial revolution, led by investments and mega-projects. By 2023, Turkey intends to increase its annual GDP to $2 trillion, while exports are up to $500 billion. This country, which has placed great importance on structural reforms of the economic structure in recent years, invests and innovates in departments such as livestock, agriculture, transport, energy, health and communications. In this way, the institutional capacity of the economic structure develops and strengthens and the economic system becomes more resistant to the risks to the world. The founding model, one of the most famous fund systems in the world, was born and developed in Istanbul and is considered one of the ancient legacies of this intercontinental city. Istanbul invests in consistent global financial technologies, with mobile platforms such as AI, VR, digital voice recognition and digital encryption, and hopes to pass on its 700 years of success to humanity as a whole.

In addition to the fact that Istanbul is a global cultural center, it seems that the fact that Hafitch`s valuation, according to analysts, will increase by 48% on average over the next 5 years. Quality and technical basis of people working in the banking system in the country compared to other countries of the world