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Alectra Utilities Collective Agreement

As soon as the representation vote is held and your representative union is proclaimed, negotiations for a new collective agreement for all Alectra unionized workers (the “Alectra Bargaining Unit”) will begin from St. Catharines to Barrie. Pending ratification of a new collective agreement, the five existing collective agreements with the three unions continue to apply to the five existing collective agreements. For recruitment, it is used to have a “nested” seniority. The successful candidate is covered by the collective agreement in which the position is for the duration of the transfer and carries with him his credit of service and service acquired. Please take this opportunity to discover what each union has to offer to contribute to a bright and safe future for all Alectra employees. Alectra will publish the meeting plan with meeting rooms for face-to-face meetings with unions on Bulletin Boards and alectra-Intranet. A second vote will take place if the initial vote does not produce a majority (50% plus one) for a union. If a second vote is needed, the Union, which took third place in the first vote, is withdrawn from the vote on the second vote. The second vote, if any, will take place on 11 July 2017. Alectra is a game change for all supply workers in Ontario. Alectra is not only an electricity distributor, it is a national energy activity. Alectra`s website states that “Alectra Energy Solutions is shaping the future of energy as we know it.

We are writing the next chapter on the changing face of energy in Ontario. The parties agreed to “nest” seniority and service credit, i.e. all staff members enter their service and service credit into the new bargaining unit for all purposes after the representation vote. While mergers can create new opportunities that can come with a much larger and growing business, Alectra employees will also experience turbulent and sometimes stressful times as we go through this long process together. I assure you that the PWU will work tirelessly to ensure the best results for all Alectra employees. Unifor is Canada`s largest and most influential private sector union, with more than 310,000 members across the country. As the main union representing energy workers, we represent 13,000 workers in supply, gas, electricity and energy companies. In Ontario, we are the largest union of Enbridge, TransAlta, Enercare, Union Gas and dozens of other energy companies. The PWU will communicate all future developments as soon as they arise. Jerry Dias leads Unifor`s ambitious efforts to transform Ontario and the country into a city where we can all benefit from good jobs, safe communities and a prosperous and inclusive economy. Choosing the union that represents you in your working relationship with Alectra will be one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional career, so we have asked Alectra to be impartial in helping staff make an informed decision. Jerry Dias is not afraid of Alectra, any company or government. He is often in direct contact with the Prime Minister and almost every prime minister in Canada.