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[6] Tian D, Araki H, Stahl E, Bergelson J, Kreitman M. Signature of the selection of the selection in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. In the 2002 press. If you would like to order reprints of an earlier published article, please contact the publishing house to receive an offer. IOS Press, Fax: `31 20 687 0019. E-mail: Kudo authors of published articles (non-prepress, graduation articles) are contacted by Kudos. Kudos is a service that helps researchers maximize the impact and visibility of their research. It allows authors to enrich their articles with secular metadata, add links to related materials and make their articles accessible to a wider audience through the Kudos system. Authors receive no more than three emails: an invitation and a maximum of two reminders to sign up for the service and link the published article to their profile. Use and registration for Kudos remains completely optional.

For more information, see our author section. This magazine publishes all its articles in the pre-press module IOS. By publishing articles before printing, the latest searches can be accessed much more quickly. Pre-primary articles are uncorrected versions of the article and are published online shortly after the evidence is created. The form articles are fully accessible with the DOI number. Once the Prepress article is associated with an edition, author corrections are included and final bibliographical information is added. The pre-primary is then replaced by the updated final version References 1. All publications cited in the text should be presented in a reference list according to the text of the manuscript. The manuscript must be carefully checked to ensure that the spelling of the authors` names in the text is exactly the same as in the reference list and that the reference list is complete. 2.

The list of references must be alphabetically arranged by author`s name and chronologically ranked by author and then numbered. If an author`s name is mentioned separately and with one or more co-authors, it is appropriate to use the following order: Note that the author concerned must pay the cost of the reproduction of the paintings. Estimates of reproduction costs are to be asked of the editor at the time of submission. Requested Submissions The editor, editorial staff and special issue publishers may request submissions. The query editor treats peer review of these guest messages in the same way as direct submissions, and the author should interact directly with that publisher. Authors of manuscripts who are requested by the editor are invited to do their work directly at sending your article to one of our publications, promise that the article is your original work, has not been published and is not currently reviewed by another publication. They also promise that, in good conscience, the article does not contain anything that violates defamatory, illegal or copyright or other human rights. If the article contains material that is the copyright of another person, you promise to have obtained full permission from the copyright holder to use the material and that the material contained in the text is clearly identified and recognized.